Manage digital signage content easily without an additional PC or a media player

An embedded all-in-one solution that enriches usability while simplifying display management

Businesses are looking to digital signage as an effective communication tool to replace static signage and easily treat their customers to an interactive experience. Through the use of digital displays, businesses are saving resources by eliminating the need for printed materials and costly manual distribution. Companies want a system that is easy to implement, provides rich content and is simple to manage while staying within their budgets. As a result, companies can deliver impactful messaging in a timely manner.

The 3rd Generation Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) provides all these advantages and more with an all-in-one solution that integrates a media player and PC with display management software. Equipped with powerful quad-core embedded System-on-Chip (SoC), the 2nd Generation Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is much more enhanced with robust functionalities than ever.

Expand content delivery coverage to multiple digital signage with a hassle-free all-in-one solution

Samsung's new 2nd Generation SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform) offers substantially enhanced content management compare to the 1st Generation SSSP. The solution significantly improves the performance of dual-core displays with enhanced processing speed through a 1 GHz quad-core CPU and 1.5 GB double data rate (DDR3) dual 48-bit memory. It also eliminates the need for external media players and additional PC units, streamlining the deployment process, saving time and resources. Compare to less than 50 percent picture-in-picture (PIP) size in dual-core displays, the 2nd Generation SSSP-enabled displays offer a PIP size over 50 percent of the display. In addition to its compatibility with the Samsung Smart Signage solution, the 2nd Generation SSSP is now compatible with the 3rd party software as well.

Boost power and gain advanced functionality without the need for a separate PC

PC-less touch support

Previously, touch functionality was only possible when a separate PC and Touch Overlay option were installed. However, 2nd Generation SSSP enables touch interaction by connecting only the optional Touch Overlay, without a PC or setback box (SBB).

PC-less video wall

Formerly, a separate PC was typically required to connect displays in a video wall, but 2nd Generation SSSP eliminates this need. Multiple video wall displays can be connected in a PC-less environment using only a USB with a DisplayPort? (DP) loop-out. By simply plugging in a USB and connecting multiple displays over a daisy chain connection, the solution offers Internal Auto Play, which provides easier playback of content and reduced clutter.

PC-less DataLink support

If elaborate content management is needed, you can easily retrieve and update content by purchasing a DataLink server and a DataLink extended module without needing a separate SBB or Plug-in Module (PIM). This feature is made possible through the enhanced computing power of the 2nd Generation SSSP's quad-core, SoC technology.

Effectively set up, manage and operate Samsung Smart Signage with ease

Control and manage content display, and create customised content more easily through the following 2nd Generation SSSP features:

Intuitive and touch-friendly Home UI

Deliver simplified and convenient display operation with main display functions and selected configuration menus readily available on the Home screen. A new Home screen with large icon-based UI buttons enhances ease of use. When the optional Touch Overlay is added, the Home UI supports convenient touch interaction.

Multi-channel capability

The Multi-Channel feature enables up to maximum of 9 schedules for local channel and 99 schedules for network channel to be set up on Samsung Smart Signage. This feature gives you the flexibility to switch between schedules almost instantly. Also, content management becomes easier through storage of optimised content for each guest group.

Easily and conveniently manage content through mobile devices

A built-in Wi-Fi module extends Samsung Smart Signage connectivity and control, enabling the transferring, playing, sharing and scheduling of content to a digital signage without physical cables between the content source device and the display. In addition, you can easily edit and upload content through a mobile device using a built-in Wi-Fi module. This feature is ideal for locations where manual management is difficult or inaccessible. Plus, the feature eliminates the need for searching the back of the display to find the right connector port and the need for extensive lengths of cable dangling outside the display unit.

Ensure continuous display of vital content with Priority Play

If an unforeseen malfunction or error occurs on a display, the Priority Play feature ensures that you won't have to worry that your important messaging will go down. Simply select and designate the most important content, so that if an error or malfunction occurs on one display, the selected content will be displayed automatically on the other operating displays. For example, if a malfunction occurs on the first display, then the priority content displays on the second and third displays.

Control displays in multiple locations easily and instantly

Remotely control Samsung Smart Signage installed in multiple locations from a web server (MagicPlayer S2) while viewing their current screens in real-time. This new 2nd Generation SSSP enhanced remote management feature streamlines management and enhances convenience.

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