We have a holistic view on any image needing to be reproduced or digitized.

With the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) act coming into play, 3DR can assist in getting all hard copy documents into digital format to ensure compliance to the act.

With the big focus on getting hard copy back into a digital format for sharing and easy access, 3DR have designed specific solutions around each business we analyse.

We look at and plan the:

  • Process backlog or bulk ageing hardcopy, freeing up space and search times.
  • Indexing fields linked to future needs.
  • Preparing documentation for scanning.
  • Where the soft copy document will reside (Access to the scanned files)
  • Format of file for EDM.
  • What will happen with the hard copy after scanning.
  • Off-site storage with 1 click request for originals return.

Other options we have added into our portfolio:

  • Customised True and False checking (bar-code to match related text on vehicle papers)
  • Storing of documents in index linked to internal system, easy searching.
  • Easy search facility with linked references.
  • Best of Breed hardware for the solution from top tier brands.
  • Integration into existing ERP, EDM and ECM systems.

All customised Solutions are done locally with locally grown application for quick turn-around times and easy adoption.

Our core focuses are on the electronic content, document management systems and solutions. The division provides end to end consulting, services and equipment on the following spheres of the Private and Public Sectors:

Scanning devices: Scanner hardware from entry level, to production scanning equipment. This includes major brands such as Canon, Fujitsu and Epson.

Software: This is pure software development for EDMS and ECM systems that can be customised for clients, using an open source development plan.

Maintenance on scanners and software: Full skills sets and expertise to provide maintenance and support on both hardware and software.

Back Scanning: Providing full solutions to partners who have backlogs to scan within critical timeframes with cost effective solutions.

Based on this, 3DR has been appointed as an Authorised Partner for Fujitsu and Canon all printers and document scanners in South Africa. This means that we are accredited to sell, provide warranties and support these devices and are fully backed by the OEM.

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